Features & Advantages

Cable links billing system sync data with cloud server which enables managers with real time monitoring of collection agents. This will help the operator to reduce misuses and malpractices. Cable links application empower managers with tracking of collection agents through GPS mechanism and hence managers get involved in real time accounts.
Application has many unique features, one of the feature is loyalty program and reward points to subscribers according to their payment. This feature automatically finds your loyal customers and rewarded with points as they pay bills. Cable links allow your subscribers to transfer their connection from one location to another location very easily. Cable links solutions is equipped with a bluetooth printing of bills at customer location.

Salient Features

Improved Subscriber Management
Subscribers under various locations can be easily managed through cable links application. Customer list will be added by the manager/administrator through a web application and assign customers to collection agent under given area. Manager can make out the agent corresponding to each customer and real time payment tracking cum billing collection status can be monitored easily.
Billing Anywhere
Customer billing/payment collection can be done anywhere through the mobile application equipped with cable links. Collection agent will carry the mobile application to customer door step and bill customer directly. Billing details will be synced with central server which helps manager to view live billing and position of collection agent on the fly. Cable links introduce professional billing collection methodology among cable networks.
Subscriber Re-location
Subscriber re-location is a common scenario in cities, urban and suburban areas. Cable links subscriber management software helps Cable operator and broadband internet providers in performing hassle free transfer of customers among service area. Transferred customer's billing history, package details, reward point settings etc would be maintained as is in old area.

Package Calculation
Automatic package calculation is an essential part of any Cable TV operator billing collection application and cable links will under take package calculation monthly basis. Based on package amount, total amount (Advance/due) will be computed by the system along with next payment date. Collection agent and administrator will have better tracking of outstanding amount from each subscriber.
Cable links can generate SMS alerts on billing as well as updation in reward points. Subscriber will get SMS in registered mobile number when collection agent of Local Cable Operator (LCO) performs billing. LCO has option to choose SMS package of interest.
Complaint Ticketing
Subscriber complaint management system is a vital part of service providers and Cable links enable operator to track customer complaints through the system. Cable links has facility to work as cable tv complaint management (or broadband complaint management) system. Complaints raised by customer can be registered in the system, change the status, can add comments and close the ticket. Standard issues relating to cable network complaints are available in the system and manager can choose root cause of issue while closing a ticket. Operator can track most occurring complaints and take preventive action to improve the service.

Other Features of the Application

* User Friendly, Easy to Use, Economic and Affordable cable TV billing software

* Set up Box Tracking

* Customer Search by Customer Name and customer ID

* View Collection Amount for Any Day, week, month, and year

* Total Sales Report

* Collection Agent Wise collection Reports

* Agent wise Sales Reports

* Customer wise Due Report

* Customer upload and list maintenance

* Android billing application for customer bill collection

* Daily collection summary for agent

* Subscriber Complaints Analysis

* Cable TV connection activation/broadband connection activation

* Cable TV connection Inactivation /broadband connection inactivation

* Minimize paper usage