How Cablelinks Work

  • Cablelinks is an application for cable tv operators and broadband networks.This application helps your billing process more professional and advanced.
  • Cablelinks helps you in billing & live reporting .It can be used from both mobile and web.


  • Admin will create collection agents
  • Create subscribers
  • Set package,payment amount and due
  • Set payment due dates
  • Set package,payment amount and due
  • Assign subscribers to area wise collection agents

Collection Agent

  • Carry mobile app to customer location
  • Verify due ,package amount,discount etc
  • Perform billing
  • Generate bill through bluetooth printer
  • Customer gets SMS on billing
  • Bill synced to server

Cabelinks Admin side

Video covers how to register with cable links and the bare minimum configurations to get started with the application.

Bluetooth printer and bill printing

This video explains about how to do billing using cable links mobile app. Login, select customer, enter bill details, save bill and print using bluetooth printer.

Cablelinks Complaint Management system

This video describes how to manage customer complaints and service requests in cable links

Cablelinks - Adding Pay Channel and Bouquet

This video describes how to add Bouquet and paychannels in cable links billing application via Simple excel upload